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Applicant Notification and Minimum Requirements



1)You must be 21 years of age and have not reached your 45th birthday.

2) You must be a United States citizen.

  • You must provide proof of citizenship (e.g. birth certificate, citizenship documents, etc.)

3) You must have a minimum of 30 semester hours of college. (with a minimum of 2.0 G.P.A.)

  • You must provide a certified copy of transcript from an accredited college (indicating at least 30 semester hours with a "C" average that has been completed by the time the application is submitted and prior to the testing date. If you do not have a current certified transcript, you must order one for the application process. When requesting transcripts be sure to consider College/University holidays and breaks, as this may delay the receipt of your certified transcript and not offer you the opportunity to provide proof of eligibility for the civil service test.)

OR if you do not have 30 college hours you must meet one of the following requirements:

1. Have served at least 3 years active duty in one of the armed forces of the United States. (Reserve time will not be considered)

  • You must provide a copy of DD214 military discharge paper, indicating that your discharge was not dishonorable, or a discharge based on misconduct which bars future military service.

2. Have at least 3 years of law enforcement experience in the capacity of a certified peace officer with a law enforcement agency employing 25 or more certified peace officers.

All of the above documentation, including a completed application, must be submitted by the posted deadline to the CITY OF TYLER STAFF SERVICES DEPARTMENT.

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Please complete form for notification of next test date.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tyler Police Officer.  If you wish to be notified when applications will be accepted for the next test date, please fill out the below form. Once you click on submit, your information will be automatically e-mailed to the Career Development Unit. A database will be maintained which will ensure you will be notified when applications will be available and accepted for the next civil service test.  This form is not an application for employment.

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