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Tyler Police Department

Welcome to the Tyler Police Department web site.  It is my hope that what you find within the site will be both informative and interesting. The Tyler Police Department consists of 194 sworn officers and 53 civilian employees, all highly competent, committed and dedicated men and women with a common goal. That goal is meeting the service demands of more than 108,000 citizens.

The Tyler Police Department has adopted a non-traditional style of policing known as Community Oriented Policing, wherein we reach out to the citizens and encourage practical partnerships with the department and those we serve.  There is extensive involvement with Neighborhood Crimewatches, Citizen Police Academies, Cultural Awareness Training, District Community Meetings, and school programs.  Working together, we have been successful in creating a better quality of life for all Tyler residents.  It is truly rewarding and challenging for the members of the Tyler Police Department to serve the community and play a key role in making Tyler a good place to live, learn, work and play.  In doing so, we believe in PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE and POLICE/COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS.

The City of Tyler is located about 100 miles east of Dallas in the Piney Woods of East Texas.  Lakes are plentiful, the land is very fertile and things (and people) thrive in the richness of the area.

As you move through our Web site, you will gain much insight into our MISSION, VISION and VALUES, as well as programs that help foster and support the philosophy of COMMUNITY POLICING and much more.

Browse, enjoy and come back to visit again.  Your comments or questions are solicited and encouraged.

Our Mission Statement

Our strategic direction of the Tyler Police Department is to improve the quality of life by providing professional police service through a community partnership.

Our Values

We the members of the Tyler Police Department hold the following values to be of the utmost importance in the commission of our duties:

  • Importance of people as individuals and as a vital part of the Department.
  • Superior quality service.
  • Closeness to the Community.
  • Responsiveness to the Citizens needs.
  • Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.

The Tyler Police Department is committed to excellence and has been Nationally Certified as an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency since 1995.