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Public Information Requests

In order to provide the information you are entitled to receive, the City of Tyler requests that you fill out this form, providing as much detailed information as possible. Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in the nullification of your request.

  1. According to the Texas Public Information Act, governmental bodies have 10 business days to comply to a request for public information. If a request is of a special nature and more time is needed to comply, the requestor will be notified.
  2. Public information requests may be subject to processing fees. The fee schedule is $6.00 per accident report and $1.00 per incident report. Reports in excess of 10 pages will be charged $ 0.10 per page after the tenth page. When requesting an accident or incident report, send your business check/money order made out to the City of Tyler and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Include the report number if you have one. Mail it to: Tyler Police Department, Attn: Records, 711 West Ferguson Street, Tyler, Texas 75702.
  3. When requesting an accident report, please provide two identifiers. This information is what a Data Management Specialist will use to locate the report, therefore as much information as possible will increase the likelihood of locating your open records.
  4. Criminal History information is not provided by the Tyler Police Department. Criminal History information may be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety by following this link.
  5. Open, Ongoing, Criminal Investigation. Texas Government Code Section 552.108 and Attorney General Opinions have held that if information is related to an open, ongoing criminal investigation, and if release will harm the detection, investigation or prosecution of a crime, then the government entity may withhold the information.
  6. Driver License Numbers; License Plate Numbers; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Social Security Numbers. The Texas Government Code and Attorney General Opinions have held that Driver License Numbers, License Plate Numbers and Vehicle Identification Numbers are confidential under Texas Government Code Section 552.108; Texas Transportation Code Chapter 730. Social Security Numbers are confidential under Texas Government Code Section 552.147.

For further information, contact the Data Management Unit at 903-531-1065 or 903-531-1064. Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Requests can also be faxed to 903-531-1063.

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