Tyler Police Department

903-531-1090 | CALL 9-1-1 in Emergency

Tyler Police Department
Hiring Procedure

A Police Officer applicant must complete the following items below:

 1.  Civil Service Examination ( You must score 70% or higher )
 2.  Placement on eligibility list based on test score
 3.  Applicant checked for automatic disqualifiers: (criminal history check and driving history check)
 4.  Conditional Job Offer given by Chief of Police
 5.  Ride-Along Program
 6.  Medical Examination
 7.  Physical Testing:
     a. 1.5 mile run (under 18 minutes, 48 seconds)
     b.  300 meter run (under 76 seconds)
     c.  18 push-ups (no time limit)
     d.  16 sit-ups (within 1 minute time limit)
     e.  Able to press 62% of body weight (1 rep)
     f.   Agility run (under 22 seconds)
     g.  Vertical jump (minimum 14.5 inches)
     h.  Hearing Test
     i.   Vision Test
 8.  Psychological Examination
 9.  Background Investigation
10. Polygraph Examination
11. Departmental Review Board Interview
12. Drug Screen
      (to be conducted, [unannounced] during hiring process)