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What are the ages when a child should be in a car seat or a seat belt?
Car Seat and seatbelt requirements: Rear Facing until at least age 1
and 20 lbs.
Forward facing until the child reaches the upper weight or height
limit of the seat.
Booster Seats from approximately age 4 to age 8 or 4 feet 9 inches.
Safety belts from 8 years old or taller than 4 feet 9 inches.
Safety experts recommend that all children under age 13 ride in
the back seat.
Adults and children must be buckled up whether they are in the front
or back seat.
When are Motorcyle helmets not required to be worn?
To not wear a helmet you must meet the
following: Be at least 21 years of age, successfully complete a motorcycle
operator training and safety course and be covered by a health insurance
plan providing you with medical benefits for injuries incurred
as a result of an accident while operating or riding on a motorcycle.
How can I obtain an Electronic Blue Form for reporting a collision not investigated by a law enforcement agency?
Click here to download the form and instructions.
I was involved in a collision in Tyler that was investigated by a Tyler Police Officer.  Where can I obtain a copy of the Collision Report?

Copies are available at 711 W. Ferguson or at 574 W. Cumberland Road (Faulkner Park Station). Please bring your case number and ID. Copies of reports cost $6.  You may also purchase a Crash Report from txdot on line but may take up to 10 days to process. Click on link to purchase on line https://cris.txdot.gov/public/Purchase

I received a ticket from a Tyler Police Officer.  Where do I go to take care of the ticket?
All tickets issued by Tyler Police Officers must be handled through the Municipal Court, 813 N. Broadway, Tyler, Texas 903-531-1266.
How do I apply for a Parade permit?
Read the information under the Street Closure tab at the following link:  Traffic Engineering
Do I need a permit to hold a garage sale?
No permit is required to have a garage sale.
Do I need a permit to conduct door to door sales?
No permit is required for home solicitation however there is a city ordinance regarding dates and times of solicitation. The ordinance can be found at www.cityoftyler.org. Search Code of Ordinances (under the Business tab at the top of the page), click the search code of ordinances online tab, the solicitation ordinance is Chapter 4, Sections 60 and 61.
City of Tyler Employment
Where do I find job openings with the City of Tyler?
City of Tyler job announcements can be found by clicking on job postings.
What is the phone number for the Jail?
The Tyler Police Department uses the Smith County Jail to house prisioners. You may contact the main Smith County Jail at: 903-590-2815 or 903-590-2800 or you may contact the Low Risk Jail at: 903-590-2840
Animal Control
How do I contact animal control officers?
Tyler Animal Conrol: 903-535-0045 (inside the city limits)
Smith County Animal Control: 903-566-6600 (outside the city limits)
Commonly Asked Phone Numbers
Nurse Digital Fingerprints: 1-888-467-2080
Call before you dig: 1-800-344-8377
Troubled Youth Counseling: 903-948-3514
Bee Removal: 903-566-6789 (Dick Counts)
Hot Checks: 903-590-2600
East Texas Crisis Center: 903-509-2600
Tyler City Hall: 903-531-1100
City Of Tyler Municipal Court: 903-531-1266
Juvenile Attention Center: 903-535-0850
Department of Public Safety: 903-939-6000
Adult Probation: 903-590-2700
Parole Office: 903-581-8311
Cotton Belt Building: 903-590-2920
Voter Registration: 903-590-4777