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Tyler Police Department
Vehicle Towing - Impound
A vehicle impounded for a violation of No Insurance will not be released from the wrecker company until a Financial Responsibility Verification Form has been obtained from the Tyler Police Department. To obtain this form:

You must come to the Tyler Police Department located at 711 W. Ferguson, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. The telephone number of the Tyler Police Department is 903-531-1090 if you have any questions.

You must present a valid form of identification and provide Proof of Financial Responsibility on the impounded vehicle. The Proof of Financial Responsibility must have a policy number, an insurance agency, a policy term, and a telephone number to contact to verify proof that the policy is in effect. A Customer Service Representative will attempt to verify the Proof of Financial Responsibility by calling the insurance agency/agent.

Once the Proof of Financial Responsibility is verified, the Customer Service Representative will provide you with the Financial Responsibility Verification Form that you will present to the wrecker service for the vehicle to be released. A $5.00 (five dollar) processing fee must be paid to the Tyler Police Department before you receive the Verification Form.
You may then go to the wrecker service and retrieve the vehicle from impound. You are responsible for any fees associated with the impoundment and storage of the vehicle by the wrecker service.

The City of Tyler is not responsible for damages sustained as result of the towing or for loss of property left in the vehicle. This is between you and the wrecker service.

The Wrecker Services that are currently part of the City Wrecker Rotation List are:

Campbell Wrecker
3053 Old Henderson
Tyler, TX

Crow Wrecker
2929 Crow Rd.
Tyler, TX

Hi-way Wrecker
4420 D.C. Dr.
Tyler, TX

Isaac's wrecker
13452 FM 206
Tyler, TX

Liberty Wrecker
4848 Tidwell
Tyler, TX