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Tyler Police Department
Data Management Fees

The following fees apply:

Open Records – $1.00 for the first ten pages and .10 a sheet thereafter

Crash Reports – $6.00

Clearance Letters – $15.00

Fingerprints – $10.00 (Per Card)

Wrecker Permits – $50.00

Parade Application - Non-Commercial $50 - Commercial $500.00   

Parade Permits – $75.00 

Burglar Alarm Permits – Residential $35.00 per year - Commercial $75.00 per year. 

Required information to bring to the PD when vehicles are towed to the pound for no insurance:

The Officers report (Tow Vehicle Instruction Form)

Bring a copy of the insurance for the vehicle in question (The name of the person picking up the paperwork must also be on the insurance form)

A copy of your driver’s license

$5.00 Fee

Crash Report request requirements:

Must have 2 out of 3 identifiers - location, name of driver, date of accident or

Case Number

$6.00 charge

We have 10 days to respond to your request, however, sometimes report may be ready the next day. Crash reports are NEVER ready the same day as the accident.

No Checks for under $30.00 and Credit Cards or Debit Cards will be accepted.

Reports usually ready within two to three days

Reports may be made by mail with a company check or a money order (Call Customer Service ahead of time for cost)